Bryan Rutger || 12 years old || Dead since 1978 || Kai Schulz.


Despite having a rather normal and just overall average family, Bryan and his twin Troy were never really ones to stay quiet. Even as babies they would always give their mother a hard time, screaming and crying at night and then carrying on with that routine for days on end. When they grew up, nothing changed except the fact that they could now walk and talk, so their acts of mischief only became bigger. 

Living near the Murder House and not having many kids to play with in the neighborhood, the twins became friends with Constance’s daughter Addy, even though they often made fun of her. In 1978, the twins ignore Addy’s warning (“You’re gonna die in there.”) and break into the Murder House, which is now abandoned. Troy and Bryan proceed to demolish the house, and finally enter the basement, where they find jars with body parts, which scare the twins. They attempt to leave but are killed by the Infantata before they get to escape.

Even now as ghosts, they still like to cause some trouble around the house. Bryan tends to act on impulse, not really thinking what he’s doing nor the consequences of his actions, often dragging his brother along to do whatever it is that he wants to do, no matter how risky it might be.

Five facts about him:

1) Up to player.

2) Up to player.

3) Up to player.

4) Up to player.

5) Up to player.

Bryan Rutger is currently AVAILABLE.

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