Anonymous asked: billie dean?

If you’re asking if the role of Billie Dean is open, it is.

Sorry for not answering this for a while, I’ve had to pack up my whole room and it’s exhausting and stressful and Mika’s super busy with college things …

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Hi guys

Sorry Mika and I haven’t done much lately, Mika’s super busy with school and I’m just really out of it (my iron level is super low, it makes me tired and realllllllly hard to concentrate, but I’m taking supplements now, working on it) but there’s stuff to be done and it will be done soon. Not right now ‘cause it’s 2 am and I’ve been ridiculously exhausted since 6 pm.

So. Yeah. Though I owed you guys an explanation. We’ll get around to things super soon, promise.

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Anonymous asked: Closed RP means what exactly? It's a confusing term, as I've never heard it before.

Closed RP just means that members of the group only RP with those in our group, so as not to confuse plots and characters. (This is specific only to the account you sign up with us with, feel free to join other RPs on other accounts and whatnot, most of us do.) It also keeps our dashes from becoming confusing and crowded.

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Ethan Harris || 21 years old || Alive || Jake Abel.


Ethan was born in Northern Oregon to a busy family of two parents, one older sister, and one younger sister. His parents worked a lot, too much to have had much quality time with their children, and his older sister had been the same. Ethan himself was more laid back, didn’t like having obligations that kept him running around all the time; he liked doing things at his own pace. He was good at school, really good, but started to get bored around 7th grade, causing his grades to fall. Nonetheless, he made it to college and was doing well until he decided to take a break.

It wasn’t that he wanted to see the world, really, he just wanted to see somewhere else, so he left his indifferent family for LA. He found home in a shared house with several roommates, where he currently resides.

Five facts about him:

1) He likes to hang out at bars sometimes, now that he’s of age, but tries not to make it a habit.

2) He drives a ‘58 Plymouth Belvedere, and doesn’t let anyone else drive it.

3) He has his phone on him at all times, but rarely uses it. 

4) Aside from the eerie Murder Tour (which he’s shrugged off as a tourist attraction), he hasn’t heard much about the hauntings of the area.

5) He has a pocketknife he keeps in his back pocket at all times. He has his reasons.

Ethan Harris is currently UNAVAILABLE.

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Just so you guys know, if you’ve sent in an app and haven’t heard from us within about 24-48 hours, we probably didn’t get it, so please message us so we can discuss other ways to get it to us. Thank you!

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Hello there!

It’s Mika here, checking in from her bed because she has the flu and it’s almost killing her. In other and brighter news, if you have any questions; I’m here!

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noitsmax replied to your post: are oc’s allowed?
We need boyssss

Apparently we need boys.

I’m not enough for them.

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Anonymous asked: are oc's allowed?

OCs are most certainly allowed, and welcomed. We have no restrictions right now. :3

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Hey everybody!

Follow Rye Maxwell!

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Hey Everybody!

Follow Ann!

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